Monday, September 13, 2010

SPCC #65

Another Monday, another color challenge! Today is a very special day for me - we are celebrating Collin's first birthday! It's been a very hard year for us but we made it through with the help of wonderful family and friends.

Here is the color combo:

I found the sticker quote with these colors as the starting point. When I found it, I knew it would be perfect for Collin's first birthday card.

He definitely fills our hearts with sunshine every day he is with us. He has such a beautiful soul, with so much positivity, it amazes me. Happy First Birthday Collin! Mommy loves you!!


  1. Oh Jenny....This is too cute and Happy Birthday Collins, he is so adorable and those big cheeks....I just wanna kiss them!! (with your permission ofcourse). Happy Birthday to both of you and be strong and remember that we are never given an assignment that we can't handle.


  2. Thanks for doing our Blog Hop today! Happy Birthday to your darling son! He will be in my prayers. Also I *THINK* you won a Cricut cartridge today on Obsessed with Scrapbooking?? I know JennyBean won and I think that is you. I hope it's you if you left that comment LOL

  3. I said the wrong blog, you won on this blog!
    It doesn't show your picture though so I am not 100% sure. :-)



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