Sunday, July 31, 2011

WITL Sunday

So today was our catch-up on housework and put the house back in order day... laundry load #6...

while Liam played with his train table, Chris and I relaxed on the couch for a few minutes while watching Jumanji on TV.

"I'll be right back.. I'm going to get something, but I'm not going to tell you what it is!"

"Guess what I have behind my back?"

"He's blue, but I don't know what his name is!"
"Is it Thomas?"

"It's Blue Lightning McQueen!"
He certainly knew how to stump us!

Laundry load # 7... yes, even Collin's favorite monkey needs a bath every now and then!

During naptime, Chris went to Home Depot to get supplies to hang the shelves on the wall... I stay home and iron the new curtains.

Chris hangs up the shelves...

and Liam wakes up and watches on the stairs... for a few minutes anyway!

The living room finally got put completely back together. I just need to get pictures to put in those frames!

There's Collin's corner...

and Collin playing with his toy!!

The new curtains...

and our "launch pad"

and yes, Liam is watching Goonies!

Time to get ready for bed.. Liam decided to dance with nothing but these earphones on!

"Okay, I'm in my pajamas!" Time to read a couple stories, sing twinkle twinkle, and tuck this little boy into bed!

WITL Saturday

This morning Liam was extra lovable... he didn't want to let go of my legs so I could make breakfast!

Of course, he did eventually let go and he went to Stafford Springs for the Monster Truck Jam. I made sure to pack a lunch, lots of snacks, and of course sunscreen!

I stayed home with Collin and finished painting the living room.



Monster trucks!!!

I guess they were loud because Liam had to put on these earphones!

WITL Friday

Friday started out nice and early with Collin's occupational therapy appointment at home... he's currently working on hands and knees position...

using his left hand to play with toys...

(he likes to put his toys under his right leg so he can find them after he puts them down)

and sitting up straight.. what a sad face!

Liam kept busy by watching TV until he saw I had my camera out the whole time... he quickly went downstairs to play with trains!

But came back upstairs afterwards to show me this cool rubber band that snaps!

Chris came home and Liam hid (as always) but today was a little more fun to hide since the living room furniture was moved all around.

Liam helped me try to get the living room back in some order after painting by putting some books back on the book case.

He then asked about Collin's braille books so I explained to him what braille was and how blind people like Collin read.

During naptime, I went to the mall to get new curtains for the living room. I had picked out curtains a couple days ago that I really liked but I needed to bring in the paint swatches before I committed to buying them. The ones I picked out didn't match, and they didn't have what I needed in stock anyway, but I was able to find other curtains that did match and were on clearance to boot... score! I also went to Borders to buy a few books for the boys since they are going out of business. We love Berenstein Bears and Mercer Meyers, and I got 5 new books!

After I got home, it was laundry time... load #2 this week.

Liam woke up and brought down his Cars blanket and watched his favorite movie... Cars (you probably can't notice it, but that's his favorite t-shirt... Cars of course!)

laundry load #3

Liam went to bed and Collin practiced pulling himself up on his knees. Chris got a pepperoni pizza for dinner and chocolate brownie fudge ice cream (sorry.. I was so hungry it was all gone before I could think to take a picture!)

laundry load #4

Collin practicing standing at the couch before going to bed.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

WITL: Thursday

Thursdays Liam goes to day care. I pack the same lunch for him every day... ham, soy yogurt, rice milk, and a banana...

While he eats his breakfast - today it's cheerios and rice milk. You can't really tell in this picture, but this morning Liam didn't like any of the shirts in his dresser... I'm getting a  bit behind on laundry and all his favorite shirts need to be washed. I told him if he didn't like any of the shirts in his dresser that he had to stay in his room until he got dressed. Eventually he decided he would layer two shirts... I guess two shirts he half-likes is just as good as one shirt he really likes!

Sometimes when we're running late I'll give Collin his milk with a 2 ounce syringe instead of through the feeding tube... it's much quicker when we don't have an hour and a half to sit around for the feeding pump to run (I've learned the hard way Collin doesn't do well with the feeding pump running at regular speed in the car). It's better to get half a feed when we're running late than to wait another hour.

When we get to day care, I punch a code into a computer to sign Liam in...

He puts his lunch box into his cubby...

and then runs down the hall to go outside where all the other kids are playing.

On the way home, Collin came with me to Walmart. We had to pick up more bananas, rice milk, soy yogurt, ham, and chicken apple sausage for Liam (they were out of turkey hot dogs), and painting supplies.

Since my shoulder was feeling much better today (more like sore the day after a big workout rather than muscle cramps waiting to happen), I had a friend come over to help me paint the living room. We got most of it done in 4 hours... and I touched up the rest later that day. I still have a corner left to do, but I'll get to that tomorrow.

The main walls are going from a khaki tan kind of color to "beach white", a yellowish toned cream on the left.

The accent wall (TV wall) is going from a khaki/army greenish color to "beach grass" - a much brighter yellowish toned green on right.

Okay, so these photos of the paint are not the best, but believe me, it looks sooo much better!

When I picked Liam up from day care, he saw this bug on the way out and was completely fascinated!

We saw the amtrak going by when we got off the highway.

Liam had a discussion with me after dinner when we went outside to play... today was bike day at day care and I completely forgot in our rush out the door this morning to bring his bike.

"Mommy, you forgot to bring my bike today"
"Yes, I did. I'm sorry."
"That's okay. It was an accident."
Thank goodness for me Riley shared his bike... otherwise he'd have to ride the bikes day care provides, and we all know that's not good to do on bike day!

Liam spent most of the rest of the evening riding his bike on the sidewalk.. the fire hydrant is his boundary to the right, and the corner is is boundary to the left... so I can sit on the front steps and still see him. The older neighbor boy came out a bit later and rode his bike with Liam, so I let Liam follow along on the sidewalk out of my vision.

Collin, of course, had fun playing on the quilt on the grass. I love this picture because it shows him playing with his left hand... this time last year we were working on loosening the muscles in his left arm and getting him to move it at all. He's come a long way!

Where's Collin? (pats head) Here I am!

Tired boy... time to go inside to sleep!


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