Tuesday, November 2, 2010

In Hospital...

Hi all... sorry I haven't posted my SPCC color challenge for this week, it's been very hectic in the Reilly household. My one year old son Collin was admitted to the hospital yesterday. He had a small fever and was vomiting more than he normally does, especially considering he hadn't gotten chemo for two weeks, so we took him to the emergency room. While he was there, his fever spiked up to 104.3, so they admitted him. Bloodwork shows he has a blood infection through his broviac line, so he's staying in the hospital until the blood cultures come back clear, probably not until the end of the week. Until then, I am staying at the hospital with him to make sure everything goes okay, although the nurses at Yale are all wonderful. I'm typing on the hospital's computer, so I don't have access to any of my pics to post, so I'll update the blog as soon as we're discharged. Until then, goodnight!

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