Monday, January 23, 2012

Organized Home Challenge #3: Pantry

Last week's challenge from Home Storage Solutions' Organized Home Challenge was to organize the pantry.

As you can see, my pantry was a mess. Things started piling up on the floor, and the shelves are so deep you have to dig around to find something if it's in the back. Things are kind of in order, but not so my husband can understand, and things didn't always stay on the shelf they were supposed to be on.

This is my after picture. Definitely organized much better, and a system that my husband understands! Here are the close ups:

Floor: cereal boxes, sodas, juices, paper goods, and special baking supplies.

Bottom shelf: Collin's pediasure and spices.

Second shelf: canned goods, sorted into rows from left to right: vegetables, soups, gravy and other misc cans, fruits, and tomatoes.

Third shelf: Jarred items to the left, bagged pasta and beans are in the basket, behind the basket are boxed pasta and rice/potato mixes.

Fourth shelf: baking ingredients. Stuff in plastic bags are in the basket.

Fifth shelf: snacks and cake/brownie/cookie mixes.

Sixth shelf: Alcohol, extra paper goods, and way in the back are extra lunch boxes for Liam. (he went through them really quickly last year so I stocked up in September when they were only $5.

My plan is to get into the routine to plan menus once a week. Once I have a menu plan, I go through what I have in the pantry and make a list of what I don't. Everything I need for the week goes into this cabinet in the kitchen, so I should only be going through the pantry once a week. I also got a basket for Liam's snacks making it much easier for everyone else to know what he can eat. I'm thinking I should make up a label to put on the basket too. On the top shelf I have all the open packages of rice, potatoes and pasta that need to be used up.

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  1. Awesome job on the pantry! I just found this challenge yesterday, so just starting out. Completed the Refrigerator/Freezer challenge tonight (and painted my door/window frames, & base boards in Kitchen). Need to figure out my pantry as it is "really" a coat closet in the kitchen. My Grandpa gave me a bakers rack which is in there right now storing stuff, but being it's wire, it's hard to keep things from falling. Desperately need to add solid shelves in there! Keep up the great job!



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