Saturday, September 17, 2011

Mr Smee?

So I had a discussion with Liam about halloween costumes last weekend. Here's the background before I get to the story: Liam is obsessed with anything cars or trains... so I will take any opportunity to foster interest in anything else. Jake and the Neverland Pirates is a new show on Disney, and I was able to convince him to have a pirate themed birthday party when he turned 4 in June, which he still talks about. So, thinking early to get him thinking about costumes and liking my ideas, this conversation followed:

Me: Liam, since you had a pirate party for your birthday, do you want to dress up like a pirate for halloween?
Liam: Yes! I can be Jake from Jake andtheNeverlandPirates!
Daddy: What if we all dress up like pirates?
Liam: yeah, that's a good idea! Daddy, you can be Captain Hook!
Me: And who would I dress up as?
Liam: You can be Mr Smee!!!!!
Me: Mr Smee?!?!?! How about Tinkerbell?
Liam: No, Tinkerbell's not a pirate! She lives in Pixie Hollow, not Neverland!

(side note... maybe I should get him to watch the original Peter Pan before Halloween if I really want to dress like Tinkerbell. Then again, it's pretty cold here for Halloween so maybe Mr Smee is a better choice!)

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