Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Collin's Chemo

This is a very important week for this little boy. This same week, two years ago, he was diagnosed with brain cancer. He had surgery to try to remove a 5cm mass in the center of his head which resulted in blindness and left sided weakness.

Two years ago, before his surgery, Collin was barely eating from being so nauseaus. He was just starting to stand up with assistance. He was able to roll over and prop himself up on his arms. After the surgery he lost all of those abilities and had to start all over.

Collin still isn't eating anything by mouth, but he's able to keep down most of his food that he's fed through a tube. He is able to stand up and walk, although still with just a little assistance. He is scooting and figuring out how to find his way around without being able to see. The cancer is finally gone after 2 years of chemotherapy.

Of course, with brain cancer, he'll never be considered "in remission" or "cured". There could still be tiny cells that don't show up on scans. He'll need to continue to follow up with neurology and endocrinology and ophthalmology because of where the cancer was, to make sure he's developing properly. He'll still need speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, a vision teacher, an orientation and mobility (O&M) teacher, and he also gets music therapy which he loves so so much.

Now that he won't be nauseaus from chemo we will start to try to get him to eat again. This will be a very painful journey for me, remembering all the times before he was diagnosed I tried to get even 2 ounces of formula to stay down unsucessfully. There will still be hard days ahead. But he is strong. He has determination and is willing to work hard.

With his diagnosis, there is a very strong possibility that his cancer will come back, and when it does it could come back quickly. Or maybe he'll remain stable. All we can do is work hard to get on track with his development. Enjoying the time we have with him. Praying. Hoping. Believing.

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