Friday, May 13, 2011

Project Organization, Day 4

Day 4 of reorganization, and my shelves are completely empty now. I remember watching an organizing show with Peter Walsh on TLC where they removed absolutely everything from the room to sort through before bringing it back in to a fresh space. Looking at my shelves, I still had a few things here and there, a lot of empty storage containers, and a few non-scrapping related things. Looking at the space like that, I couldn't see how I would really be able to re-organize everything once I sort through it. So I removed everything. All the storage stuff is in one corner, and everything else is in boxes. I couldn't believe how clean it looked. I am inspired again! I actually managed to finish pages 6-9 of the gift wedding album, and I'm thinking of ideas for pages 10-13 which I hope to get done tomorrow.

Looking at everything piled up in boxes, I really can't believe how much I have! So how am I really going to evaluate what to keep and what to get rid of? Obviously the stuff I don't like will go, but what about the rest? How much is too much? How many projects will sit there undone before I either do them or give up on it? This is something to sleep on and evaluate in the morning when I have a clear head....

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  1. Wow you are coming right along. I couldn't find Day 3 but going to look at the other posts. TFS



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