Saturday, May 14, 2011

Project Organization, Day 5

I've sorted through some of my paper and I have it divided into two baskets - one for kits/paper collections, and one sorted by brand. Of course, I have I don't know how many paper pads from DCWV that is going to require a whole different section.

I'm thinking of getting these from Ikea.. and they're red (swoon)!! They would be the perfect size to hold my papers. I'm thinking maybe 2, or if I could fit all my paper pads in there too I'd get a 3rd one. I also went through the paper brands I have sorted and bookmarked the blogs. I know a lot of them have challenges on their blogs and it would be another way to encourage me to use up my stash. I'm still figuring out what to do with embellishments though....

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  1. Sorting paper is a good start! Do you have a colored scrap file too? This is great for all the not full sheets that could be used for making cards or when you need that little extra color splash. Good luck!



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