Monday, July 25, 2011

A Week in the Life: Monday

The day starts out with Liam waking up, getting dressed and going downstairs to watch TV. He now knows how to turn the TV on himself and use the remote to change it to Disney Channel (42). Since Liam wakes up at 6:00 most mornings and I am not a morning person, I'm glad he can finally take care of himself in the morning!
After I wake up, I make Liam's breakfast - usually some sort of cereal and rice milk, but sometimes I'll make toast or oatmeal.

Then I have to measure out Collin's meds... he gets zofran, dexamethasone, and pepcid first thing in the morning.

I put on a new feeding bag, empty a can of pediasure...

give Collin his meds...
and he relaxes in his bed...
while the feeding pump does all the work.

Of course, this morning his tummy didn't like the milk and he threw up.

So it was time to play in the bath!
Chris came home while Collin was in the tub, but he left shortly after for an appointment.

Collin actually got bored playing in the water and started exploring the tub, so I gave him a few whales to play with... this is the first time he's played with toys in the tub. Normally when he puts toys down he has a hard time letting go since he can't see so he'll put them under his leg so he knows where they are. In the bathtub, the whales floated away! 

After Collin finished his bath and got dressed, I had him practice standing next to Liam's bed... Liam decided to have his blanket hanging over his bed so he could hide out in his "cave".

We went downstairs to play some more... Liam was playing the train whistle and Collin was chewing on his giraffe.

Then Collin's vision teacher and music therapist showed up to have fun... Collin's getting better at holding the shakers in his left hand (hooray!) and even shook them around a little on his own too! Liam decided to hide out in the basement and play with his train table...

When he came back up later, he got bored playing with his train whistle and threw it down on the floor towards Collin, earning him a time out...

followed by a hug and apology to his little brother.

Of course, load number one of laundry for the week.

Liam's lunch today... yogurt, banana, and apple chicken sausage with V8 juice.

and my lunch of potato salad and a pepsi (I love these little bowls from Ikea... I got them for Liam but use them just as much for myself).

Liam got out the hot wheels track and played a little bit after lunch... Collin's still chewing on the giraffe...

Then Liam watched the garbage truck out the front window...

before we all went upstairs and piled on the bed for story time. We read a halloween book and Theres A Wocket In My Pocket.

I went downstairs with Collin and he had a little meltdown and needed some cuddles. 

Then it was time to put the feeding tube back in for his next feeding since it came out when he threw up earlier.

Ahhh... naptime!

Still asleep over here too! I also took a nap for a few hours.. the temperature was really cool today after the heat wave we had the past week, so it was perfect for sleeping.

After we woke up, Liam went downstairs and played with his Hot Wheels track some more before dinner.

"Here Mommy, you hold the truck. This is a car race, not a truck race."


  1. Great pics and journaling Jen! The album should come together fairly easy for you:)

  2. Nice summary of the day with the pictures. Loved the look of the sweet boys and there's not much spare time in your day .



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