Wednesday, July 27, 2011

WITL: Wednesday

This morning when Liam went downstairs, he decided he was going to dump out these blocks and play with them.

Now, he has barely touched these since he got them, but today he was feeling in the mood I guess.

A silly kind of mood....
I, however, was not in a silly kind of mood. My neck/shoulder was still hurting.. although it had gone from a nerve-pinching agony to a muscle wants to cramp throbbing. So I spent most of the day on the couch with my wonderful heating pad. So I decided due to the possible lack of photographable activities today, I would take pictures of the house as-is.

This is our coat and shoe rack just as you come in the door. You can see the two paint cans I intend to use to paint the living room.. beach sand and beach grass. It's summer, so there's not much up there now.. jackets for the boys, my purse, flip flops (although I do see a snow boot for Liam!), and my little brown diaper bag for short trips.

This is the living room...

Our "hutch" with computer, printer, and lots of storage for extra kitchen appliances, arts and crafts, and medical supplies of all sorts.

Dining area... the mess to the right are picture frames and decorative items for the living room once it's painted. I really need to get pictures printed for the frames.

Kitchen sink filled with dishes...

Back deck... and yes, we have two grills right now. Not because we grill that much, but because Chris got a new one this year and hasn't done anything with the old one yet.

The kids' rocking chair is in the hallway right now.. we're waiting for construction to come in and replace the carpet in their room from water damage over the winter.

Our messy bedroom... with an unmade bed and laundry clean and dirty everywhere.

The boys' room.. the top bunk bed is used for storage, although I've cleaned most of it out..and you can see the big portable air conditioner by the window. We're not allowed to have air conditioners hanging out of the front windows so we bought this to keep their room cool. Liam does NOT sleep well in the heat!
Yes, laundry is starting to pile up a little bit.

And the play room is getting fairly messy.

And my scrappy table really needs a bit of a tidy!

Chris came home from work and helped Liam put together and set up his hot wheels track...

and then went upstairs to go to sleep (he works third shift right now).

Poor Liam did not want Daddy to go to bed!

But I managed to get Liam to clean everything up, and put on his socks and shoes, so we could go outside. He rode his bike while Collin played on the blanket in the shade. The grass was still damp from the rain the evening before.

Liam fell down turning around...

But he got right back on and continued!

Collin likes to keep his toys under his legs... that way he always knows where they are (he's blind).

It didn't take him long to discover the edge of the blanket and start pulling the grass.

and then he ended up here with his leg in the grass!

As I was taking pictures this beautiful butterfly fluttered by me and onto the neighbors flowers.

I can't forget a picture of Darby Reilly, our gnome. He went on a cruise with our neighbors a couple months ago and had a grand time!

I absolutely love big fluffy clouds on a blue blue sky!

And to round out the pics of where we live, this is our humble abode.

Then we went back inside for lunch. Liam had the usual.. ham, bananas, and soy yogurt; I cooked a burger in a pan and had leftover potato salad and corn.  Really, I only get one good meal a day, the rest of the time I just nibble.

And here's a random picture from after naps of Chris using Liam to play air guitar!


  1. I've loved reading your week so far - you've a lovely family! I wish I'd got myself organised for WITL - maybe next time - looking forward to seeing yours

  2. back and neck pain are the worst. hope you are feeling better!

  3. Hope you are feeling better! I love the idea of taking pictures of the house 'as is'...I spent my morning cleaning up to take some pictures, but that's not the most 'honest' look at a week of my life!



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