Sunday, July 31, 2011

WITL Friday

Friday started out nice and early with Collin's occupational therapy appointment at home... he's currently working on hands and knees position...

using his left hand to play with toys...

(he likes to put his toys under his right leg so he can find them after he puts them down)

and sitting up straight.. what a sad face!

Liam kept busy by watching TV until he saw I had my camera out the whole time... he quickly went downstairs to play with trains!

But came back upstairs afterwards to show me this cool rubber band that snaps!

Chris came home and Liam hid (as always) but today was a little more fun to hide since the living room furniture was moved all around.

Liam helped me try to get the living room back in some order after painting by putting some books back on the book case.

He then asked about Collin's braille books so I explained to him what braille was and how blind people like Collin read.

During naptime, I went to the mall to get new curtains for the living room. I had picked out curtains a couple days ago that I really liked but I needed to bring in the paint swatches before I committed to buying them. The ones I picked out didn't match, and they didn't have what I needed in stock anyway, but I was able to find other curtains that did match and were on clearance to boot... score! I also went to Borders to buy a few books for the boys since they are going out of business. We love Berenstein Bears and Mercer Meyers, and I got 5 new books!

After I got home, it was laundry time... load #2 this week.

Liam woke up and brought down his Cars blanket and watched his favorite movie... Cars (you probably can't notice it, but that's his favorite t-shirt... Cars of course!)

laundry load #3

Liam went to bed and Collin practiced pulling himself up on his knees. Chris got a pepperoni pizza for dinner and chocolate brownie fudge ice cream (sorry.. I was so hungry it was all gone before I could think to take a picture!)

laundry load #4

Collin practicing standing at the couch before going to bed.

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