Thursday, July 28, 2011

WITL: Thursday

Thursdays Liam goes to day care. I pack the same lunch for him every day... ham, soy yogurt, rice milk, and a banana...

While he eats his breakfast - today it's cheerios and rice milk. You can't really tell in this picture, but this morning Liam didn't like any of the shirts in his dresser... I'm getting a  bit behind on laundry and all his favorite shirts need to be washed. I told him if he didn't like any of the shirts in his dresser that he had to stay in his room until he got dressed. Eventually he decided he would layer two shirts... I guess two shirts he half-likes is just as good as one shirt he really likes!

Sometimes when we're running late I'll give Collin his milk with a 2 ounce syringe instead of through the feeding tube... it's much quicker when we don't have an hour and a half to sit around for the feeding pump to run (I've learned the hard way Collin doesn't do well with the feeding pump running at regular speed in the car). It's better to get half a feed when we're running late than to wait another hour.

When we get to day care, I punch a code into a computer to sign Liam in...

He puts his lunch box into his cubby...

and then runs down the hall to go outside where all the other kids are playing.

On the way home, Collin came with me to Walmart. We had to pick up more bananas, rice milk, soy yogurt, ham, and chicken apple sausage for Liam (they were out of turkey hot dogs), and painting supplies.

Since my shoulder was feeling much better today (more like sore the day after a big workout rather than muscle cramps waiting to happen), I had a friend come over to help me paint the living room. We got most of it done in 4 hours... and I touched up the rest later that day. I still have a corner left to do, but I'll get to that tomorrow.

The main walls are going from a khaki tan kind of color to "beach white", a yellowish toned cream on the left.

The accent wall (TV wall) is going from a khaki/army greenish color to "beach grass" - a much brighter yellowish toned green on right.

Okay, so these photos of the paint are not the best, but believe me, it looks sooo much better!

When I picked Liam up from day care, he saw this bug on the way out and was completely fascinated!

We saw the amtrak going by when we got off the highway.

Liam had a discussion with me after dinner when we went outside to play... today was bike day at day care and I completely forgot in our rush out the door this morning to bring his bike.

"Mommy, you forgot to bring my bike today"
"Yes, I did. I'm sorry."
"That's okay. It was an accident."
Thank goodness for me Riley shared his bike... otherwise he'd have to ride the bikes day care provides, and we all know that's not good to do on bike day!

Liam spent most of the rest of the evening riding his bike on the sidewalk.. the fire hydrant is his boundary to the right, and the corner is is boundary to the left... so I can sit on the front steps and still see him. The older neighbor boy came out a bit later and rode his bike with Liam, so I let Liam follow along on the sidewalk out of my vision.

Collin, of course, had fun playing on the quilt on the grass. I love this picture because it shows him playing with his left hand... this time last year we were working on loosening the muscles in his left arm and getting him to move it at all. He's come a long way!

Where's Collin? (pats head) Here I am!

Tired boy... time to go inside to sleep!


  1. Cracking up about the shirt he didn't like very much. My boy is the same way about clothes, very particular, especially about pants. He has three pairs of paints and three pairs of shorts that he is willing to wear. Makes for very frequent loads of laundry.

  2. beautiful photos. I love how you are capturing life's journey...isn't this project so wonderful for that? I have seen that Hartford/New Haven sign a few hundred times myself, nice to "meet" another blogger in my neck of the woods.

  3. Great pictures and I love the beach grass color!



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